Project Description

It's a farmers website, in which we will use image analytics and detect what disease is crop having and suggest fertilizers, and take images of soil and detect what crop suits to that soil, weather prediction(data analytics), water availability(ml), the farmer can directly sell his crop to customer without brokerage involvement, calculate profit/loss through our website. It's also helpful for novice farmers as it has farming technique images and videos to help new farmers.

That’s how our website is unique from existing websites

  1. Data analytics- water availability 2. Data analytics- weather prediction 3. Image analytics-leaf Disease, crop soil 4. Profit loss calculates 5. Seling crop directly through website Proposed Development Plan in pointers

To predict the disease of a crop and increase the productivity of a crop we will be using image analytics

To select which crop suits for a particular soil, we will be using image analytics

To predict the weather in advance, we will be using a machine learning algorithm

To predict the water availability in a particular area, we will be using data analytics

We are providing weather detection using a machine learning algorithm and availability of water checking using data analytics for farmers. Using image detection algorithm Farmers can take a pic of the crop and upload it. using an image detection algorithm. we will detect what disease is the particular crop having and will be suggesting fertilizers, pesticides. by taking a pic of the soil, we can detect what crops suits to the particular soil. we will also provide some videos for novice farmers to learn tech. in farming like crop rotation. The farmer can also calculate profit/ loss through this particular website. The area info will be with the office officials of that particular area. If a person is not wearing a mask. The fine or imprisonment will be sent to the particular office or officials, By phishing, we are going to detect the fake content that is spreading more in these times

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