With the mismanagement of health records around us and various big corporations getting hold of our own medical records and misusing it, we wanted to do something to bring back the rights of our data back to us as patients.

What it does

Healthify is a decentralized hospital management system built on blockchain using the Celo network. Patients can use it to store their data on the blockchain and can add Doctors to their accounts and get treatment details authorized by their doctors. Also with information like drugs prescribed and bill amount being stored on the blockchain, it would be impossible to tamper with these details

How we built it

We coded the smart contracts using solidity and used React for the frontend. We used Web3 js to get data and communicate with the deployed contract for the frontend. We also used SCSS and UI libraries like FramerMotion and Bootstrap

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several problems like- Handling login/signup using the smart contract Determining the type of user from their address Fetching and updating the smart contract using the front end

What's next for Healthify

We have various things in mind like including other entities like Chemists, Insurance Companies into the project and various functionalities like checking if the materials used to make the drugs are legitimate or not Other things include making NFTs representing health information of patients

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