We wanted to create an application where you can input a dietary restriction and it would determine if a food item fit that dietary restriction or not. With more than 1/3 of HackNC Attendees having some sort of dietary restriction, we realized how widespread this market truly was. The market for an application like this is massive. Whether it be food that being avoided for personal reasons, allergies, or just personal preference - is a perfect way of simplifying meal times.

How we built it

After taking a photo of a food item's barcode, the image is run through our identification system to determine the exact type of food being photographed. After determining the food identify, our algorithm determines the ingredients of the item and cross references it to our large dataset of food ingredients.

Challenges we ran into

We had to collect all of the data from scratch, and none of us had any nutrition backgrounds so it was difficult to confirm that certain sites products did not contain specific food allergens. It took a ton of trial and error to create a reliable dataset of ingredient information.

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