Most cases of alcohol hospitalizations are due to a lack of education. The majority of youth are unaware of the consequences of alcohol consumption and are completely miseducated are reasonable and safe dosages. Many youth and adults alike have no intention of partaking in self-harming activities but do not realize the consequences until it is too late. As we are all graduating high school and entering adulthood, we see more and more of our own peers beginning to abuse opioids, specifically alcohol. We saw a need for a technology that reduced the number of alcohol-related hospitalizations. With this, our product was born.

What it does

HealLife is a product that combines a mobile application and a sweat sensing wristband technology. HealLife efficiently targets young adults who actively drink alcohol and want to track their usage and learn how to safely consume alcohol according to their demographic.

How we built it

We used the 3d Cadding Software, Fusion360 to model our product, as well as the app builders to create the overall structure. Then we used Java to code certain aspects of our product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are all very proud of the product and the video we put together. Many people on our team learned so much throughout this weekend. For example, we learned how to really use Fusion360 and other app builder websites that we had no idea how to use beforehand.

What's next for HealLife

Currently, our product is designed to only include resources from Ontario and legal intoxication values of Ontario, however as we expand, our future plans include adapting the service for all provinces in Canada and eventually all of North America and the World. As a team, we hope to continue innovating and creating so we can become the engineering leaders of the future.

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