We were inspired to design an app that encourages sexual assault victims to speak up due to the politics of today and the rise of the #metoo movement. In addition, recent statistics show that more than half of rape and sexual assault cases go unreported because victims fear retaliation, they fear that the police are unable to help, or they do not think their case is important enough. We want to design an app that helps victims feel comfortable in discussing their incidents.

What it does

Haven is a mobile app that helps sexual assault victims in the moment and after the moment. We provide emergency contacts that are quick to access, including a local police department, the National Sexual Assault hotline, and a trusted circle of friends. We also want to encourage victims to discuss their experiences with our app through simple question and answers. The app saves the reports for the user and will report it once the user chooses to, therefore they will not feel the pressure to report right away.

How we built it

ReactNative Azure Figma

Challenges we ran into

With only 24 hours to ideate and create a working prototype app, we had more ideas to implement than time allowed so we were challenged to narrow down our features but perhaps save the other ideas for future iterations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to tackle an issue that is very relevant to today in creating an app that can support sexual assault victims while also offering real time emergency help.

What we learned

We learned to have the UI and development team closely collaborate through the whole process.

What's next for Haven

We plan on improving our app through more research to ensure trust between the user and the app. We also want to research many different sexual assault resources to see which ones are trustworthy and review the experiences people have had with them.

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