The inspiration to build this app comes from multiple plateforms which make use card-style designs and user content preferences to deliver content pertinent to their subscribers, notably; LinkedIn, Instagram, Google Cards etc

What it does

This plateform provides targeted content to its users based on selected preferences. The user gets content concerning different categories of information and subscribes to the ones most pertinent to him which would be delivered to his account in a timely manner. This app fetches information from multiple plateform and brings them together on tagged based categories and subscribers who decided to "follow" particular tags of information get notified when ever there is an update from the source. Also, on sign_up, the user gets to choose tags which are attributed to him so as to get relevant information pertaining to his skills

How I built it

I built it using reactjs and redux

Challenges I ran into

The different updates on the reactjs framework made most of the tutorials i used obsolete which increased the time i took for the project. The documentation of reactjs is not well suited for beginners or non-programmers

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm pround i was able to deploy my plateform and give a glimpse of what i want it to be

What I learned

I learnt alot about what a great tool the reactjs framework is, and i look forward to continue working with it

What's next for #HASHTAG

More development needs to be done on this plateform

Built With

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