One of the key things that make san Francisco an awesome city for tech, are the resources available for entrepreneurs who are willing to risk it all in san francisco. These resources include affordable housing, even if it's bunk bed or couch renting. Plenty of events for information, networking and access to investors. Entrepreneurs know nothing is guaranteed, but with resources available theres a better shot at success.

These same resources must be available in Harlem in order to invite hungry talent to the city and make it affordable for start ups to grow in Harlem.

The platform I'm submitting aims to provide resources to those entrepreneurs. Among the 1st needed resources is media, HarlemTek is featured with a blogging platform anyone (or permitted users) can use to announce their latest product release, hackathon or tech news. (click the add post button from the menu after registering.)

The platform also features a resource area, where citizens willing to provide affordable housing or office space for verified start ups can do so. (click the resource menu)

As the site grows, it could include a co-founder search section and more.

It's important that this platform show, tech playing a part in solving social hurdles.

HarlemTek features a citizen watch, pattern recognition tool for police officers. When citizens interact with officers, they take a moment and enter the details of the interaction on HarlemTek's citizen50 section.

Over time the data will show which law enforcement officer should be rewarded for their pattern of good police work and the ones with problematic patterns.

Provide resources and be a play a part in solving the problems of the community through tech, HarlemTek.

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