According to a survey done by 45% of S'poreans are unhappy at work in 2017 Survey can be find here

It has been discovered that the reasons for happiness play an important role in the productivity and retention policy. Unhappiness is often due to mismatch between personal expectations and company culture/environment.

Hence it is important to hire candidates whose personal expectations aligned with the company culture and environment to ensure a happier workplace.

What it does

Happy Jobs has a novel system to best match job seekers with jobs ensuring job seeker's personal expectation and company culture/expectation are aligned. Hence resulting in a happy job for the job seeker and a productive, loyal and reliable employee for the company.

How we built it

The android and iOS apps can be built with darts in Flutter SDK. Backend would be firebase and the scoring system would be reviewed by Tensorflow Machine Language.

What's next for Happy Jobs

1.Developing the prototype 2.Developing the backend 3.Testing the scoring system 4.Implement Tensorflow to scoring system 5.Beta Testing 6.Full Production

Built With

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