When I was a child I wanted to be a clown because clowns make people happy. But I grew up to be a scientist and engineer.

4 years ago the smart phones adoption inspired me to create Happy People application - with collection of rules followed by happy people, according to research. It was my first iOS app with just one screen - but it got 4 star ratings.

Now, 4 years later, and many more released apps, I'm ready to release completely re-written new Happiness2 app.

Happiness2 is a reminder application. Unlike other reminders, it’s designed to connect people.

Can an app be a group reminder about happiness?

Meet Happiness2 app - it connects at 2 people or more to be truly happy.

Target users: 1) People under stress and depression 2) Couples and families in trouble 3) Global community of Happy people

Couple Unique features:

1) Happiness2 Connect: Two people open app on their phones, hold "Connect" button and release it at the same. From that moment they will be receiving the same happiness messages daily , and at the same time. It's very simple and cool.

2) Word Happiness Vibes: Anybody with Happiness2 app can receive global vibes - AT THE SAME TIME, regardless of the time zone. Imagine thousands of people thinking about happiness at the same time. This works via local notifications - so no connection required.

The app comes with collection of sounds and background images.

Happiness is a choice. Let’s help each other.

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