We knew there are many people out in the world denied to resources from many natural disasters that post people don't know about. We wanted to get more donations and resources for these victims.

What I learned

Javascript node.js and gupshup

What's next for Hands for Relief

We wanted to implement drones to travel when there are shortage of volunteers using gps navigation.


What do we do? We are a non-profit organization targeted to get more people to donate food, clothes, toys, shoes, etc. These donations go towards victims of the most recent disasters around the world. Right now, you can go to the disasters page to see what we're working on right now. We know people have good intentions but are often too busy to take the time to donate resources. We connect donors to volunteers so the volunteers can pick up the donations and deliver them to local charities. This allows us to gather more donations than we otherwise could have.

How does it work? Once people find out about our services, they will sign up on our webite to save their information. Once they are signed up they can receive messages from our chatbot to guide volunteers and donors alike of our services. The chatbot, developed by gupshup, will have a conversation with the donor to get their info to give it away to volunteers. The location is taken from people nearby the local charities. Our website finds disasters around the world and informs users about them and allows them to contribute.

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