Tracking your diet is by no means a new concept. Many mobile apps help collecting information about your nutrition and furthermore provide you with tons of data. While these apps are without doubt very precise just entering your whole meals and keeping track of feels often really clunky. To a achieve a healthier lifestyle not all these informations are even needed. Jurassic Bites is a fun and easy new way to uncover new knowledge about your food and provide you with helpful tipps to improve your well-being.

What it does

Very often people want to learn and change their life, but they are also very lazy. Keeping up with meal trackers can feel like a chore. Therefore we provide an easy and quick-to-use interface and immediate feedback to ease the transition to a healthier life. As the Player you invite a little dinosaur to share your actual meals. To keep him fit and active, you need to feed him (and yourself) a healthy diet. After learning about your preferences, he might even suggest you healthier, cheaper and better suited alternatives to reach this goal. His cute and lovley appearence keeps the player engaged with the game, because he does not want his little companion to suffer, by being sad or fat!

How we built it

We put a high focus on simplicity and user experience. Therefore we used well-established technologies like bootstrap and JQuery and combined them with the powerful Apache Cordova Framework to easily attract a big user base across all popular plattforms and Windows Phone.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the app's design needed to be completed by us, because no freely available graphics matched our vision. Also we were all pretty knew to web development and script languages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building an appealing and working prototype in 2 days from scratch!

What we learned

We learned there will always be another idea to improve. Setting your scope on the right targets is an irreplaceable ability to succeed within a short time limit. Also, using a well-known and evaluated framework highly increases your success on google searches.

What's next for Jurassic Bites

Presenting our idea to other people and make them as enthusiastic for our little dinosaur Chomper as we are!

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