This website was inspired by other informational company websites that give the user information to learn more about the company as well as a live chat feature for any users that might have further questions about the company.

What it does

This website showcases general facts about State Farm and showcases 3 different insurances that State Farm gives their clients Car, Pet, and Health. These coverages can be accessed using the menu bar. We also added a live chat option to talk to Jake about any questions, comments, and concerns.

How we built it

We used HTML and CSS to build a basic website that showcases different insurance coverages from StateFarm. We also used JavaScript to include a simulated live chat option for the user to talk to an agent at StateFarm. We used GitHub to host the site.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, we tried using react but this proved to be very difficult since this is our first hackathon. We decided to switch to a basic website and had issues figuring out exactly what to do with our project and how to start. We also had to spend a good amount of our time learning some of the basics of HTML and CSS. We also struggled to figure out how to host the website with a custom domain but in the end, we were at least able to get it up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the end, we were able to successfully develop a running, interactive website out of scratch. As most of our group were not familiar with building websites with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, we were able to make a well-functioning website within 24 hours.

What we learned

In this project, we learned how to use and incorporate HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a functioning website that gives the user information about StateFarm and its different types of insurance coverages. We also learned a little about git and collaborating on multiple files remotely.

What's next for Blake from Statefarm

Our next steps in this website are to have a more responsive chat that can better understand and work with a wider scale of user inputs. We also want to add more animation to the site and improve its overall looks to bring more engagement and interaction between the website and the user.

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