We came upon the idea of a real-time strategy university simulator while discussing the new era the University of Oklahoma is about to embark on, as it will experience a new president in over twenty-three years.

What it does

The application provides entertainment and also challenges those who play it to find and develop the most efficient and profitable campus. The game not only factors in cost, but also the happiness and enjoyment of the students. With features like upgradeable structures, unique and influential faculty and students, realistic naming, and a customizable campus this is a real-time strategy game that you will always be able to learn from.

How we built it

We build SimU using PyGame, Pycharm, Python 3.6 and TCL. We utilized the open-source tile set "Galet City" from and the icons made by Lorc, Delapouite available on We also use git for version control and slack to occasionally send discussed code snippets.

Challenges we ran into

Many. One of our team members had come into this Hackathon with little experience in python yet became well-versed and created the bulk of the GUI for the game. As our project became more complex and our list of dependencies increased, TCL functionality became inoperable on MacBooks, of which three out of our four teammates have. We also occasionally ran into merging issues and learning curves with version control software.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a fleshed out simulator with complex features in under twenty four hours. Due to some other obligations, during that time two of our team members were away. In the end, we put together an enjoyable game and a fantastic demo essentially overnight.

What we learned

We learned that version control can be tricky and it is definitely something to learn early. We learned a lot about python and PyGame and also learned ways to manage large project development within a strict time constraint.

What's next for Hacklahoma

We think that adding themed challenges would be great!

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