HackHarvard2016: "TextIt"

This Android app, called TextIt, creates a convenient way for a person to store, organize, and keep track of information through incoming text messages. The app listens to all incoming text messages and, when the incoming text matches a specific pattern, parses the text message and either sets an alarm (for in the future) or simply creates a "to-do" list in the app. Both the alarms and the to-do list can be easily managed in the app.

For example, after downloading the app, receiving the text message "textit/alarm/10/23/2016/10/45/am/Remember to submit your Hackathon project!" will automatically create an alarm in the app that will ring on October 23rd, 2016 at 10:45am with the alarm message at the end of the text string. Receiving the text message "textit/todo/Have a great time at HackHarvard!" will automatically add an item to a "to-do" list in the app that the user can then efficiently manage.

Not only can the user of the app send themselves these text messages to easily set reminder alarms and add things to their to-do list, but ANY incoming text with the above mentioned forms will be parsed and hence entered into the app. This means that anybody who has your phone number can set alarms on your mobile device and add things to your to-do list. But don't worry! The app imports all of the contacts from your phone and you can easily specify which phone numbers you are willing to accept these kinds of texts from. The power is all yours!

Uses: 1.) Parents can send their kids texts to automatically set reminder alarms and add chores to the to-do list. 2.) Sleeping in with your phone on silent and have a midterm in 10 minutes? Well your friend can text you and automatically set an audible alarm in your phone to wake you up.

Texting is something that most people are good at. They are used to the UI and entering data in this form. So reading incoming data from text messages will create a simple and universal way to manipulate data on your phone. No data or internet connection necessary! All you need is the app and text messages and you're good to go :)

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