We were inspired by a burning desire to help UC Davis with lost and abandoned bike related needs, as well as crowdsourcing functionality to help foster a sense of a more connected community and assistance.

What it does

Bike Connect is a web service dedicated to marking the locations of abandoned bikes, and helping users find their lost bicycles. Using the power of crowdsourcing and Google Maps, BikeConnect connects you with a powerful map tool and friendly community to find lost and abandoned bikes in your area.

BikeConnect provides two primary functionalities: a map and reporting systems. Using user-submitted reports and Google Maps API, our application places custom markers on the map using location data from those reports. Each report has commenting functionality so as to get people communicating with each other to help find and identify lost or abandoned bicycles.

How we built it

Using React, Adobe XD and Illustrator, Google Firebase and Maps APIs, and pure 100% concentrated power of will, we built the Website, some custom icons, the logo, and the primary functionality.

Challenges we ran into

  • challenges getting markers to appear on the maps
  • callbacks from firestore
  • context API in react in general

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Connecting to firebase and making user registration and authentication
  • Google maps and marking based off of that firebase stored data
  • Custom made assets (logo, a few icons)
  • scalability of our project (it's a really good framework that could ve expanded upon)
  • Frontend and Design teamwork resulted in a very nice design.
  • team bonding 100, very good communication

What we learned

  • projects are more fun with a well coordinated and balanced team
  • how to get adobe xd to flow nicely and prototype
  • a lot of stuff with firebase and Google Maps API
  • react in general
  • webdesign and design choices
  • github coordination
  • effective time management

What's next for HackDavis2020

SECURITY and MODERATION Switching to a state manager rather than context API analytics user experience and more functionality in reports and communication (edit posts, up/downvote) etc

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