Hello! The team at Couch consists of Priya, Melanie, and Dee and we are all rising seniors this year. By this October, all three of us will be 18 years old - meaning of the tasks we complete this year is to register to vote.

But that's only the beginning, we found that it is extremely hard to navigate unbiased information relevant to voters on the Internet. There are lots of barriers to learning about complex issues, that should be made understandable to the voters in power. In a world where media and generation culture heavily biases opinions, we wanted to show voters a user-friendly way a to learn about their participation in the government.

We decided to use Flutter to construct a cross-platform app using the Android Studio IDE. We were able to use HTTP requests to get data from the Google Civic API, which contains information about elected officials in a district. We also generated a .csv file containing up-to-date information about certain divisive political issues. We formatted the information and condensed it down to fit into a bite-sized read.

America is a democracy. For our democracy to function as intended - we decided to take a stand by creating an unbiased, certified, and simplified database in the form of an app for voters to determine their opinions as a result of data and well-rounded information.

We've done this successfully to create CouchPolitics - making voting so easy you could learn from your couch.

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