Hack the Crisis, EUvsVirus and the Global Hack

What it does

Hack the Crisis Iceland strives to bring people together to solve big challenges that we face. It offers a chance to do Yoga, get inspired, motivated and learn about Supernetworks, Pitching, Leadership, PR, Investors and much more.

How We built it

Networking, Swag, Wordpress, Google, DevPost, Slack, Emails, OneTab and more

Challenges I ran into

Challenges in in Social Affairs, Education, Health Care, in Business/employment or anything else/Everything Goes.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Increased awareness of the Challenges and hopefully new solutions, elevated hackathon culture in Iceland.

What I learned

That hackathons can provide an opportunity for extro and introverts to foster relationships and social and interpersonal skills while engaging in something they have a shared, genuine interest in.

What's next for Hack the Crisis Iceland

Get all participants on our Slack channel and explain how to submit their solutions to DevPost.

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