Students spend a lot of time in chairs. There are many chairs, at home and at school. But not many people know about chairs. Chairs are everywhere but no one notices them!!?!

What it does

The Hack Chair.js is an analytical tool that is built off of a chair. It uses an iPhone's gyroscope to detect how far back a chair is leaned. It also uses the camera in a very creative manner to detect how good a student's posture is when sitting on a chair.

The arm of the chair contains a camera that allows teachers and other students to collaborate. Anyone can see what is on everyone's desks as they work together.

The muse on the head is used to check how sleepy a student is based on their eye movements and how the chair is positioned.

Everything is wrapped together in a Javascript Library that anyone can use to take analytics of their chair.

How I built it

We built Hack Chair.js out of a metal chair that was in the auditorium. The phone holder is made out of the nachos containers from one of the snack tables. The arm is made of the cardboard Classic Chips Mix box. Everything is held together with Duct Tape.

There are two iPhone apps in order to make the Hack Chair work. The phone on the back of the chair runs a camera that detects posture based on how dark the photo is. The gyroscopic accelerations are used to calculate how much the chair is leaned back. The iPhone on the arm runs a camera via a Moxtra SDK-based app to stream video.

Challenges I ran into

Nothing worked but then I fixed it

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nothing worked but then I fixed it

What I learned

I learned about chairs.

What's next for Hack Chair

Use a better chair.

Built With

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