Everybody has something that they wish to spend more or less time doing routinely. We want to make working on routines more fun and rewarding. We noticed that existing productivity apps fixate on numbers, ignoring the need for personal connection.

Habitars (habit avatars) are inspired by Pokemon, Tamagotchi, and other digital creatures that showed that patience and consistency can be fun and rewarding. Our goal is to encourage accountability for actions through a system that is both engaging and effective, using principles from psychology and game design.

Key Features

  • Habitars provide a clear and entertaining visualization of the journey of self improvement through engaging animations, evolving forms, and opportunities to collect them all.

  • Yo'ing habitars improves their happiness, and they Yo you reminders to stay on track

  • Wolfram Alpha API is used to locate fun facts about the goals you choose (such as how many of those apples you ate could fit into a football stadium)

  • Custom D3 Graph visually depicts data trends in progress and setbacks over time .

  • Minimalist User Interface that minimizes distractions with pleasant colors and enjoyable interactions.

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