Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet with the main purpose of storing and securing your cryptocurrency in the safest and most absolute way. Nano S is a product of the Ledger company in France and is one of the best-selling hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies in the world.

What it does

One of the reasons that cryptocurrency investors, Bitcoin players are afraid of is how to protect their money when stored in hot wallets (online wallets) on online trading sites such as remitano. .com / vn,, ... Because when investing in the long term, your money will risk losing when those sites are hacked, and this has happened !!!

How I built it

Nano S is researched and manufactured by French security experts Ledger with many different special layers of security, based on modern technologies to maximize the ability to protect the assets of cryptocurrencies. you from hackers and thieves, so even if you lose your Ledger Nano S wallet, you can rest assured that your money is still safe, because only you know the PIN (4-8 number) to unlock. And when the thief enters the wrong PIN 3 times, the device will automatically delete the data *, so your data is always safe.

Challenges I ran into

When you first setup, Nano S will ask you to set a PIN of 4-8 digits. This PIN will always be asked when you want to access data from the device. For example, when you want to connect to Nano S from Chrome browser, to receive & transfer money, you must enter PIN to authenticate.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The PIN also helps you to protect when you lose your Nano S device, when you enter the PIN incorrectly 3 times. The device will automatically reset. In this case, you can easily recover data by using a new Nano S and 24 security codes (stored on the recovery Sheet, enclosed in the box), as Private. Key - The device's primary lock to recover.

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