Presenting the: Hackathon Application Regarding Attention Management Bulletin Enforcement Assisting Persistent Procrastinators

  • aka, the H.A.R.A.M.B.E. A.P.P.


Both team members are pretty terrible procrastinators. We recognize the helpfulness of the occasional 'poke' to help keep on track.

What it does

Two functionalities: 1) The first is a custom "Reminder," where the user enters a message they need to be persistently reminded about. They hit go and... well, that notification is there for good.

2) The second is a set of friendly, tough-love reminders that are pushed to the user's notification bar at semi-random time intervals.

How we built it

The app was built entirely in Android Studio and tested on an Android 6.0 emulated device.

Challenges we ran into

The semi-randomly timed background service which pushes notifications was/is tricky. Still working at quirks at the time of the writing.

Additionally, we were unable to test the application on an Android phone due to technical difficulties, so troubleshooting that/testing using an emulator wasted some resources and time.

Also, apparently the newly released Android 7.0 - Nougat - does not like persistent notifications. So this app is not so practical as of.. a month ago.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works... sort of...?

What we learned

Background services in Android are not super easy to deal with. Android 7.0 is crushing Doug's dreams of a world filled with persistent notifications.

What's next for H.A.R.A.M.B.E. A.P.P.

Development is unlikely to continue for this iteration of the application, but a more feature-rich version could be considered in the future.

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