Degrading levels of fitness among people inspired us to make something useful with our technical skills.

What it does

It is one stop solution for everything a person might need for reaching his/her fitness goals.We have features like calorie prediction and AI workout trainer. With a inbuilt supplement store with ethereum payment option user do not have to search for products anywhere else. We have provided voice input webpage navigation for smooth navigation while working out.

How we built it

We built the client side(fronted) with React Js and Tailwind CSS. For speech recognition, we use

Challenges we ran into

Integrating machine learning models with React and transaction through metamask

What we learned

We learnt about so many technical errors and how to solve them.

What's next for GymBoi Website

There is a good future estimated for GymBoi, we can add many new features that eases user's life more.

Built With

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