Inspiration: We wanted to create something that could motivate the everyday discouraged person and entertain the people eager to hear words of knowledge.. For example, I feel like skipping the gym... or I am about to cheat on my diet.

What it does: Tell Guru how you are feeling. Maybe its your first time at a hackathon and you werent able to finish your project, but you know you should demo anyways because it is a great experience. But you're also a little scared. Tell Guru. "Hey I don't know if I want to demo. I'm kinda scared." Guru will return an array of quotes pertinent to your situation to help you follow through.

For Example, if you tell Guru, "I am about to cheat on my diet", Guru will analyze your text and provide a inspiration in form of a quote or image. Whatever Guru says will hopefully prevent and inspire you to not cheat on your diet.

How I built it: We used AngularJS, HTML, & CSS for the Front-End Dev and Node and MongoDB for the Back-End Dev... We built Guru as a web application.

Challenges I ran into We had hard time agreeing on how this project would look and what the best ways to implement a meaningful project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Im just glad we are demoing!! Great Experience

What I learned:

Learned NodeJS and Express..

What's next for Guru -- Wisdom In Your Pocket

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