Designed after those weird corkboards every TV detective has, for a fun take on a notes app. A notes app for people who don't mind clutter, and are willing to have some fun.

What it does

It's like a note taking app, except instead of being minimal it is incredibly easy to clutter and make convoluted. Basically, it's more fun.

How we built it

Gumshoe was built in PyCharm using QT's PyQT library.

Challenges we ran into

As it turns out, QT is a pretty vast toolkit. Since only a couple of us had very limited experience with it, there were a lot of behaviours we didn't expect.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI came out looking pretty good for how quickly we had to put it together, especially the yarn connecting pins together.

What we learned

Never underestimate the complexity of a library (not the first time we've learned it and probably not the last). Also, don't give up even if it looks unlikely. Last night it seemed like even the most basic functionality wouldn't work, but now we have a project we are all proud of.

What's next for Gumshoe

At the moment, the program cannot save files, meaning while it is very fun to mess with it doesn't actually function well as a note-taking tool. The next step would be figuring out a file format we can read and write to.

How to try it out

Below we have both our Github Repository and a compiled version of the program. The compiled version has some known glitches, but it's much easier to just boot up and use. If you know your way around implementing a Python Virtual Environment, we highly recommend trying out the uncompiled version, however if you just want to check it out quickly the compiled version does function.

Special thanks to whose icons we used for our buttons.

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