Follow Lewis the Adventurer as he travels to exciting new worlds collecting elusive Gummies and saving them from invasive Chameleons and other dangers. Connect Gummy Drops to create fun Combinations and Power Ups and collect all the different species! Gummy World is a relaxing and simple, yet challenging puzzle adventure game. Connect the same Gummies horizontally and vertically to collect and remove them. Connecting many Gummies in the same move creates long combinations and gives you HUGE points. Connecting four or more Gummies creates different types of Power Ups (Bomb, Vertical and Horizontal) that help you blast away more Gummies.

Artistic Statement

Gummy World was created from my passion and desire to make games that I would enjoy playing. I am big fan of casual mobile games like Candy Crush and Two Dots. However, I was frustrated when I had to wait for lives to regenerate, and playing the same level for weeks on end just to get that lucky combination that would allow me to beat the level. Gummy World is my attempt to fix everything I saw wrong in freemium models. I took concepts that I enjoyed and created a new type of puzzle game. A game where all the levels are beatable with a good grasp of the game mechanics. A game that I am proud to say is my own. Gummy World.

Gameplay Instructions

The user drags across Gummies of the same color to create combos. Gummies have to be vertically or horizontally adjacent in order to connect. Gummies can also be connected across gaps, as long as there are Gummies in between the spaces. Combos must be at least three Gummies in length. Power ups can be generated when creating combos of at least four or more Gummies. Matching exactly four gummies will create a bomb power up. Combos of length 5 and all odd numbers above 5 will create a horizontal power up. Combos of length 6 and all even numbers above 6 will create a vertical power up. To progress to the next the level, the player has to collect the number shown in “Goal” box with the given number of moves.

About the Team

Trilby Games found its beginnings in a random conversation at a karaoke bar in San Diego. It quickly turned into a collaboration and it all snowballed from there. Our small team of three features a web/mobile developer, an avid gamer and developer, and an artist with passion for storytelling. After 6 months of working part time, on top of our full time jobs, we were able to release Gummy World to the Apple App Store.

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