Daniel and I were discussing our interests of sports and came up with this idea of a cool game we can make for users that also enjoy sports.

What it does

The idea was made so that a user could make a knowledgeable guess on who they thought would score the most points on a given day.

How we built it

We came to the conclusion that Python was our best bet to make a project of this fashion. Given its tools to use a web scraper and collect data given a specific website.

Challenges we ran into

This project had a couple of roadblocks. Like grabbing the wrong data when web scraping, clearing the user's guesses, and try to add incentives to the game.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Python was not a familiar language for either of us, so it got us into a world that we're glad to say that we're a little more comfortable in now.

What we learned

We are also proud of learning how to use libraries unknown to us like Selenium, Pillow, Tkinter, and Pickle.

What's next for Guess The NBA Top Scorer

A list of fixes was made so that we can produce a project like this at its maximum capability:

  • Multiple user functionality
  • Incentives to play the game
  • Options to choose from a set of NBA players
  • Proper time system to determining the start/end of all NBA games
  • Fix possibility of multiple players holding top scorer of the day
  • Fix method to clear the user's guesses from day before
  • Find a more consistent website to properly scrape data from or possibly get eligibility to use ESPN's API

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