The history behind the development of this project is that we got inspired from a co-creator in Instagram who developed 'Guess the gibberish' filter. This gave us the motivation to build a filter that is much more interactive with the user. The project that we developed is an Instagram filter which asks a question and displays the answer after a particular time. This increases the interaction between the user and the app environment . We used Facebook's SparkAR software to build our project which made our task a bit easier. While coming to the challenges part that we faced at the beginning stage of our project was confusing on the usage of the software, but later after studying the documentation in the SparkAR website it was quite easy and understandable on the functions and its usage. This particular project of ours took a massive amount of time as investment and we did a lot of trials to make it work as we expected to do so. Finally this project was submitted and accepted on Instagram after all the necessary testings are done. Our filter also has reached almost 100K+ (impressions and opens) views on Instagram. During this journey of developing this project we have learnt to be patient and consistent in what we want to achieve . Currently we are also focusing on our next venture on Augmented Reality and will soon be published in Instagram.

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