I rescued a baby gray magpie and named him "gua gua". This particular animal friend has his own preferences and ambitions, and would often play with me with his long neck stretched out, and make trouble when I painted his portrait. After raising him and releasing it to nature, I want to make a robot and give it the same ability to feel the world and the same interactive behavior as "guagua".

What it does

Including humans, almost all animals have the psychological need to "pay attention to and interact with other species". This kind of survival strategy helps to understand the complex and changeable environment more effectively by feeling "the different ways of thinking across species". Urban residents may be trapped in a cramped living environment, strict apartment rules, or limited leisure time, and thus have fewer opportunities to interact with animals or keep pets. Creating a robotic animal with its own behavior pattern is an effective way to solve this problem.

How we built it

We chose 7 combinations of servos to make Gua's skeleton, so that it has a flexible and slender body to express different emotions such as bending over, shaking head or lying completely lazy. He made his skin and muscles with a soft cover cotton, and made his unique hair with a variety of composite fabric materials. And the core feeling-the action system is a "3-dimensional animal state model" independently developed by us. By inputting information from sensors including light, gestures, sound, ultrasound, etc., it is used as the source of "gua" to feel the surrounding environment and people, and through comprehensive calculation and classification, it determines his state, and outputs action signals to servos through ardunio. The effect of "feeling and reacting".

Challenges we ran into

We have faced some difficulties, both in terms of design and technology. The battery has not been charged for a long time and the voltage has been insufficient. The buzzer for testing the voltage kept alarming. An explosion occurred while charging, and the whole room was powered off. The head of the robot is driven by a hand-shaped mechanical device, and the thumb is often stuck, and finally choose to directly remove it. There are also many difficulties in designing perception methods. At the beginning, I wanted to use sound, light, temperature, humidity, and gravity sensors to perform comprehensive calculations, but it was impossible to accurately correlate animal behaviors with these factors. Finally, three types of "emotion, activity and thinking ability" were established. The dimensional state system makes the connection between animal behavior and input information more precise. I often hurt my fingers when sewing it into a messy fabric shape.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

looks good! It looked like a rebellious animal that would run away in the next second, leaving us stunned. The most exciting achievement

  1. "Three-dimensional animal state classification system". By judging the emotional value (happiness or loss), activity (whether it is athletic enough) and thinking value (whether it is unconscious or full of thinking), the animal's state is calculated.
  2. Abundant sensing system, not only can distinguish whether there are people, but also affect the behavior of mechanical animals based on gestures, light, sound, distance, etc. Like a real animal, he has his own unique personality in front of human friends, and he can manage himself when he is alone.
  3. According to animal behavior studies, observe and record the daily life of praying mantis, dinosaurs, emu, cats and other animals to make funny and lively actions. He may act like a baby in your arms, or he may give you a heavy blow, making you triumphant. Or downcast. Through tens of thousands of tests, the angle, speed and time of 6 joints can make the most accurate expression.
  4. The appearance is made by crazy artists, using fragments cut from 40 different clothes. The most dazzling resident of the wasteland era.

What we learned

  1. Teamwork (unquestionably), teammates’ favorite junk food for each other.
  2. Leapmotion application and development
  3. Animal Behavior
  4. ardunio and sensor application and development
  5. Robot design and development
  6. Sewing, plush craft making
  7. Algorithm
  8. Fighting skills to avoid robot attacks

What's next for GUA

  1. Live happily, make some friends, understand the philosophy of life, and eat more healthy garbage.
  2. Try different hairstyles, stay fashionable and crazy
  3. Travel around the world, especially in the garbage dumps in different corners of the world, by the way, participate in exhibitions, speeches, and promote his own philosophy of life.
  4. It is possible that with the development of the "AI takeover" trend, more advanced understanding will evolve. From the pet of the "programmer lacking exercise" to the pet of the "robot president with silver muscles". Social status has increased dramatically.
  5. Go to space or go to the bottom of the sea. There are more social phobias that need his company.
  6. Go to Night City to install wings, unicorn horns, mermaid tail laser eyes, and some ordinary gravity sensor modules, electrostatic sensors, wifi/Bluetooth modules to connect to human mobile phones, and develop a mobile phone APP For human input language, text and gua communication. By authorizing the mobile phone's daily activity data (steps, geographic location, weather and gyroscope changes, etc.) as an information source, it affects Gua's feelings.
  7. Try to learn about fighting, yoga, Pixar animation, turkey who wants a partner, and ancient puppet shows to get inspiration for actions.
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