Trading on the Georgia Tech campus is mostly done through GT Thrift Shop - a group on Facebook where students buy and sell things to each other. These things generally include books, school supplies, dorm/apartment furniture and concert tickets. This group can get messy at times, as there is no way to catalog the items being sold, let alone sorting them price or arranging by department. The only search, is the Facebook group search, which can only search by the exact text present in the posting. In short, the group isn't effective in linking buyers to sellers. Target Population: Georgia Tech Students. Our solution is an Android Application by the same name that makes it easy to catalog listings, and search for items. Selling an item is easy as you can fill out all information using your phone, and take a picture too. We have used eBay's Trading and Finding APIs to create listings, and to search for items. Item searches are restricted to Georgia Tech's campus (to eliminate need for shipping) - implemented by searching amongst the seller IDs we have. This app makes it easy to search for items, due to being limited to the Georgia Tech campus, and serves the existing need and solves the problem in a better manner.

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