Growler Alerts

Get alerts for new growler fills at Clapton Craft by SMS.

How to use

Clone the repository and bundle install

$ git clone
$ cd growler_alerts
$ bundle install

Copy config/env.yml.example to config/env.yml and fill in the keys with your Twilio credentials, a Twilio number that can send SMS messages and your own phone number.

Run rake beers:setup to set up and load the initial set of beers into the database.

Periodically run rake beers:alert to check the Clapton Craft growler selection and send you an SMS when there is an update. You can run this periodically by cron or something similar. I like to do so with the Heroku Scheduler

Deploy to Heroku


Once you deploy, you still need to set up the Heroku scheduler. I have set it to run every hour. The script you need to run is:

bundle exec rake beers:alert

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