We were inspired by Kiva's approach to providing finance around the world using a microloaning scheme. We figured a scheme like this could be implemented in the construction of a CST array. Furthermore, households are limited in the options they have for getting involved with solar power.

What it does

Provides a source of funding for large solar schemes through smaller investors. Users loan the money to the development community so they will receive a set amount of money back once the array is supplying the grid. The app itself is designed to help users feel the investment they make is theirs; They have a portion of a specific mirror designated to them which they can monitor in real time using basic sensors that would be attached to regions of the array.

How we built it

We used Xcode to develop the iPhone app and photoshop to shape the UI elements.

Challenges we ran into

Making an app functional within a short time frame was difficult. We wanted the app to be viable and this prototype to be a realistic demonstration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Everything! The graphics and navigation are appealing and should attract users. It contributes to the presentation and marketing of our app. The app is designed to give the user a sense of ownership of their investment; much like rooftop solar panels, users now have a physical panel they can call theirs and monitor daily.

What we learned

We learnt that there is a large complexity around such a challenge. The program has to gain the confidence and trust of users for it to be successful.

What's next for Grid2Go

Grid2Go will require investment to reach potential customers. A location for such a CST would require further research.

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