Economic growth can be ecologically sustainable if it is based on the search for a low environmental impact coupled with the development of technological tools allowing the implementation of sustainable, innovative, economically profitable and life-friendly solutions on Earth.

What it does

The ledger of Life on earth : Immortalize the positive events on Life of Earth and learn from the negative ones.

In the perspective to use the future green Blockchain POS Layer1 ethereum, we develop solutions integrating NFTs, an immersive and disruptive environment, so that everyone can become aware of their impact on earth and the solutions put in place to reduce it.

Why immortalize negative events? Simply to ensure a duty of memory. Why immortalize the positive ones? To democratize access to new technologies to reduce societal and environmental divides while training future generations not to have to choose between ecology and economy.

How we built it

An app that makes it easy to create a NFT from a video, a sound, a photo of an event. This time-stamped NFT is automatically fed with data coming from certified Oracles validating the "factual" data like temperature, pressure, air composition, degrees of pollution and all other types of data caracterizing the environment at the time when the NFT was created. Each NFT constitutes the atomic data of the Health frecords of the Earth.

The creation of a collection of certified NFTs witnessing the health of the EARTH will allow its holders to have a role to play, a direct involvement in actions for the preservation of life (human, plant and animal) on Earth that is committed to implement. They will be able to take part in decisions and actions (access to water, famine, maritime pollution control, reforestation, animal preservation, etc.) or support stakeholders in their approach.

Challenges we ran into

Map and connect a significant certified network of oracles to feed the scientific data in the metadata of the NFTs.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since its formation last summer, has assembled a talented team of Business developer, Marketing, Auctioneer and Engineer to build an NFT based platform.

What we learned

The community is waiting for the app to be released.

What's next for GreenPix

Finalize the MVP and make some noise.

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