Stats for your phone This project addresses Global Warming through Carbon Dioxide build up. The ideal situation will be to provide an answer to the question of consumers while standing on a showroom floor, "how environmentally friendly is product x" by typing or speaking the names of the products into a mobile and getting three buttons reflection CO_2 footprint, energy efficiency and social responsibility. This vision is someway off due to the lack of data, but it is possible to provide existing data to all users in a simple way. The idea is to make the world banks statistics available for all mobiles. We will render some of these statistics graphically. In time we will make more statistics available from different sources, in a way that allows users to benchmark and basline statistics. The existing view of world bank data is personalisable - that is the user can create favourite views and be able to share and comment on their observations. The ability to annotate and share their observations is critical. Conclusion The problem about global warming is that the consequences of our actions now will only affect us in many years to come. This project attempts to make our actions consequential.

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