Global Warming and climate change are becoming a bigger and bigger issue in the world. Many people believe that it requires government and countries as a whole to solve the issue and their individual efforts do not matter to the big picture. However, they did. If each of us did some decisions that are energy-efficient, it will make a difference when individual powers came together.

What it does

The website goes to a series of decisions people faced in their daily lives such as taking a bike or car. We have four different scenarios and made their green decision. We will inform the user how their decision affects the environment. We also made an about page which lists a collection of information about climate change and global warming. Most of our pictures are hand-drawn. Come and check out these beautiful pictures!

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML provides the fundamental objects of the website. CSS made it prettier and provide some features of animation. JavaScript is used to create the function and effect of the website. We also used photoshop to edit the images we drew.

Challenges we ran into

We are all new learners of JavaScript. So we ran into different bugs of JavaScript multiple times. Also, all of our computer screen sizes are different. We have to adjust the CSS in order to make it looks pretty on every screen size.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We made a website that contains all the features we initially designed. Animations work as intended. Information we gathered from the research is also relevant.

What we learned

We learned problem-solving skills. How to work and communicate as a team. Also on the software side, we learned numerous features of JavaScript and CSS.

What's next for Green Decisions

We are going to do more research on global warming and climate change. We are looking forward to providing more scenarios and decisions. We are also planned to eventually able to create a game where decisions will be scored based on energy efficiency.

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