Fire up your rocket ship, swing it around stars and land on other planets. Real 2d physics almost included.

Play here:

Feel free to fork this project and try things on it.

How to play

You're in a rocket in space.

  • Rocket always looks at mouse.
  • Left-click to fire engines, right-click to fire retro-engines (weaker).
  • Explore around, don't crash, don't fly near suns!
  • Spaceports refuel and repair your ship.

(Find the big ginormous sun! All the way north.)


  • Your ship keeps moving about just as fast, since there's no friction in space.
  • To slow down when in space, fire against the direction you're travelling.
  • Try using planets and stars to change your direction. Fuel is limited.
  • The atmosphere also slows you down.
  • Don't go too fast.

What is this

An HTML5 game I made at the Fall 2014 Game Jam organised by the University of Waterloo Games Institute.

Also, my first try at making something with the Entity-Component-System pattern.

What could come next

  • Weapons
  • Level editor
  • Cleaner code
  • Nicer graphics
  • Space stations
  • Docking manoeuvers
  • Satellites, telescopes
  • Breaking stuff into pieces
  • Crashing into broken pieces
  • Moons actually orbit their planets
  • Planets actually orbit their suns, gravitational slingshots

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