Do you use online video channels such as Khan Academy, National Geographic, Fast Company, MIT OpenCourseware, Google, Stanford, Design, History or your favorite channels for learning and inspiration ? Do you feel a need for a application to take notes or sketch ideas while viewing your favorite videos, organize and make them accessible? Do you want to reference these notes / sketches when you revisit the videos sometime later?

If yes, then meet Grace: Sketches and Notes for your favorite videos. Watch Videos, take Notes, draw diagrams, sketch ideas - Enabling the Genius in you. ★ Powered by Galaxy S Pen and Made for Samsung Galaxy Note

Grace is an easy-to-use application focussed to improve your online video learning experience and unleash your creativity.

Using Grace you can use rich pool of online videos to learn / get inspired and simultaneously save / jot your ideas while watching videos or simply sketch your ideas when you are at your own. Keep the notes and sketches safe and accessible.

Grace lets you take notes (Powered by Samsung S-Pen technology), for the videos such as Khan Academy, MIT OpenCourseware, Google, Stanford and numerous others based on your interest and area of study), take notes or sketch ideas while viewing videos, organize them for easy viewing and referencing in the future.

Main Features: Sketch diagrams, ideas and take notes while watching your favorite video

Easily accessible notes

Reference your earlier notes for a particular videos when you access them the future.

Favorites / Recent history for sketches and videos

Share sketches / notes with friends and family

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