We wanted to create Grace to assist victims of a harassment by providing a community of local mentors that can provide support to those impacted by things such as bullying, drugs, rape, depression, and so and forth. We basically wanted an outlet for individuals to be able to get the mental support they need to overcome these hardships.

What it does

Grace allows you to anonymously interact with a messenger chatbot which can then connect you with a life coach that can help users with their emotional hardships.

How we built it

Our website is built with bootstrap utilizing HTML/CSS/Javascript. The backend is in PHP. We're hosting with Heroku. We used GitHub for collaboration. We used Facebook's messenger bot and webhooks as well as their log in.

Challenges we ran into

We had a hard time narrowing down a main idea at first. PHP and Heroku were challenging to host with and we needed to host the app somewhere in order for the messenger bot to work properly. We were able to overcome this with teamwork.

What's next for Grace

Expanding and refining the service to best help its user base. We want to do some testing to make sure users feel comfortable sharing their stories of harassment and any negativity.


Grace helps to engage the community by improving the safety and mental well being of individuals. With Grace, people who have experienced, bullying, harassment, abuse or even rape, can reach out to our bot who connects you to a live coach. It's hard to speak up sometimes when you're a victim of harassment. Grace keeps things anonymous and approachable. A community that's otherwise relatively silent can now be engaged like never before. As a result, this community of people can get the help they need to fight mental illness and overcome any challenge that comes their way.

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