GoVet is a mobile web application that aims at raising awareness about veteran considerations by gamifying and exposing them to veterans’ stories so that they better appreciate the veteran population in their local community.


  • Team Name: QRS (QR code Scan)
  • Team Members: Chris Davis, Jon Tara, Kim Tien Vu, Kimiko Okumura, Nicole Lee, Pan Yeung, Rickesh Khilnani, Yuling Shi

What it does?

First scan QR code, then collect veteran trading cards to gain points to redeem for rewards!

How we built it?

We have used Figma to design the User Interface, and react, PHP, WordPress, Bootstrap, CSS, and JavaScript to build the front-end of the website.

Challenges we ran into:

Targeted audience, no funding, domain knowledge limited

What did we learn?

  • #breakitdown: organize problems into tractable components and design solutions
  • #purpose: Identify and evaluate underlying goals and the values on which they are based
  • #rightProblem: characterize the nature of the problem
  • #evidenceBased: Identify and appropriately structure the information needed to support an argument effectively
  • #analogies: use analogy of the baseball trading cards
  • #constraints: time, money, learn skills given time constraint, domain knowledge limited
  • #communicationDesign, #multimedia

What is the next?

Further developing the selection algorithm, improving the design and layout of the website and the cards, incorporate more non-profit organizations and establishments that support veterans and give them benefits/discounts, attach a database to our project, encourage more businesses to partner with us so that there are more rewards for the general public, and encourage people to volunteer.

  • Selection algorithm
  • Improve design/layout
  • Incorporate more non-profit organizations
  • Database
  • Partner with markets to encourage donations
  • Encourage people to volunteer

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