Go To College

Go to college is an native iOS application for Farms to College (F2C), a hypothetical non-profit organisation that provides guidance to local farmers on which universities they can afford keeping in mind their savings and income. It is a service that provides clients with suitable names of Universities based on their income and ability to spend.

The application provides the following features:

  1. Get a list of affordable universities based upon approximate affordable tution fees of an individual along with the major preferred and the number of years in college (to calculate total expenditure over all the years).

  2. Get university list and details about their tution fees in the university and minimum scholarship offered at the university.

The application has a database to store the list of universities along with their tution fees,major and degrees offered and minimum scholarship awarded. Also the database is used to store details of an individual such as annual income and property details.

Future Scope:

  1. Provided an interface to calculate student loan based on property evaluation.
  2. Predict annual income based on weather predictions. The produce of a farm depends upon weather conditions and thus the farmers income will vary with weather conditions.The price of each individual crop can be calculated using current and previous years weather data along with produce of the previous year.
  3. Suggest user universities based upon location preferred.
  4. Query if a particular university is affordable.

How To Run:

  1. Download mysql database to the system.
  2. Run the connectToDb.js file in order to get the server running.
  3. The start point of the application "userprofile" page.
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