We know three things about human beings:

  1. we all like a little friendly competition
  2. we are REALLY bad at saving money
  3. less (choices) is more

What it does

GoSave! is a web application that gives our users the best restaurant recommendation for a particular food at their chosen price point and allows our users to earn points by saving and to compete with their friends on how much they saved. Points are normalized against average rating/price ratio of nearby restaurants for that particular type of food to ensure fairness

How we built it

we used dash-python to build the front-end, firebase to record user data and java to build the back-end

Challenges we ran into

Integration between front and back-end

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've each learned so much. I get the back-end to work and my teammates made a nice-looking front-end. Creating an exciting and unique idea.

What we learned

For me, I've learned to use APIs, integration with database and JSON parsing and writing. My teammates learned that coffee keeps you awake, teamwork, time-management.

What's next for GoSave!

Get an actual working prototype by finishing integration. Expand capabilities to other type of spendings.

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