The endless need to be insulted in the most efficient way to inspire physical fitness led us to the only potential candidate for our personal trainer: Gordon Ramsay.

What it does

It uses Gordon Ramsay's voice to continuously influence you to continue improving your exercise routine.

How we built it

We used the Leap Motion to obtain the movement data. We then used the raw input to figure out the direction and speed of each individual hand. Gordon knows when you're slacking on your workout, and he doesn't hold back his judgement. To synthesize his audio, we simply taught ourselves audio engineering. All of this comes together in a C program that can track your movements and apply Gordon's words appropriately.

Challenges we ran into

Time stopped working, espeak seriously lacks documentation, finding instances of Gordon Ramsay speaking specific words, and audio engineering voices from various sources to sound similar.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The meme.

What we learned

Nothing brings people together, and gets people to laugh more, than a group of college students deciding to meme on a large project.

What's next for Gordon Ramsay Judges Your Worth

If God is merciful, nothing.

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