The idea for this app is from Peter Shi. He came up with this idea to gamify people's everyday life. While narrowing it down and thinking about its application, we thought to design something particularly for people to overcome some sorts of fear. This app is focused more towards to cheer the people who feel low about themselves.

What it does

It has different challenges that get people to come out of their comfort zone. It also has rewards for completing those challenges, which gives an extra motivation for people to complete the task.

How I built it

I used xcode to write Swift codes in order to build this app. I learned Swift programming while building this app.

Challenges I ran into

As the programming language was new to me, I had few syntax problems. However, thanks to stackoverflow, I was able to get answers to most of my problems.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of the whole product. None of the members in my team knew Swift programming language and this is the first iOS app we have ever built.

What I learned

Before this I had never built an iOS app or knew any Swift programming. So, the whole app building was a learning process for me and other team members.

What's next for GoodTimes

There are a lot of additions to be made, especially something to display the user's activity log and their reward points. There also needs to be different levels of challenges for users to do for multiple days.

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