Nowadays, the way that students interact with each other is quite problematic. From our personal experiences at high school, we find ourselves and many others participating in and disturbed by meaningless conversations. For instance, when someone suggests that they may be feeling depressed, many of us automatically reply "same", and we don't actively think about the possible implications of the other person's statement.

What it does

Our visual novel, Good Morning, illustrates the worst path that constant empty interactions could lead to. In the case highlighted in our inspiration paragraph, at the beginning, the user is faced with choices that are seemingly different, while they are same in their emptiness. Thus, choosing different choices do not lead to different results, as we wanted to emulate the helpless feeling of watching a tragedy happen and not being able to stop it because in real life, we tend to speak before thinking about the consequences of our words. Moreover, since students often say things such as "I'm literally dying", when someone actually means it, no one takes them seriously. We hope that by going through Good Morning, students will self-reflect on their daily interactions and the way that they express themselves.

How we built it

We built the visual novel with, Ren'Py, an integrated Python engine designed for making visual novels.

Challenges we ran into

In the beginning, we were in the process of creating a bot with Gupshup that utilizes the Yelp API to provide the user with most immediate information about nearby restaurants. However, we were not able to fully get the Yelp API to work; therefore, we decided to make a visual novel about a problem that we think is especially prevalent in our high school. With the visual novel, we had trouble with getting the story flow logical and easy to understand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We think that Good Morning is able to get the message across to the user. Additionally, although we did not finish our original project, we did learn a lot from it and we hope that we can use these skills in the future.

What we learned

We learned the basics of Gupshup and NodeJS and the value of using open source code to make our lives easier. We also learned that asking for help is a crucial part of learning how to code, as worrying about looking incompetent is not going to make us any more competent. It's better to look incompetent but eventually become competent. From creating Good Morning, we learned how to make visual novels that we always enjoy playing, and we think that we may collaborate in the future to create a more complete visual novel.

What's next for Good Morning

Due to the lack of proper supplies (eg. a digital tablet) and time to create artwork that accompany our story, we had to figure out how to use a blank background and still convey our message. In the future, Good Morning will be incorporated with appropriate imagery if we feel that it would make the story stronger. We will also add in more scenarios so that the story is more complete.

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