There are so many fitness apps for athletes that do regular exercise such as running, cardio, etc. But what about those who enjoy other types of fitness that do not fit in those categories? There is a lack of apps for figure skaters, dancers, and other athletes to enjoy for their sports.

What it does

What GoalforGold does is have tailored goals and tracking progress for sports that don't have the regular "steps counter". For example, in our figure skating section, we allow users to create goals and select what they're working on (i.e. jumps, spins, dances, elements, etc), specify more, give details/notes, and set deadlines. Other features include a calendar and profile.

How we built it

We began by designing our app on paper through rough copies. We then used Figma to design and prototype what our idea would look like. We chose to use Glitch to build an app-like base to emulate what our app would look like to a user on a phone.

Challenges we ran into

Glitch and programming using HTML, Javascript, and CSS was hard since we were beginner coders. It was really hard to implement what we planned on Figma to HTML and CSS code. We had to do a lot of trial and error, lots of Googling. Additionally, while using Figma, it was a long process to design every page and every element of our idea

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot more about Glitch, HTML and CSS coding, and added to our experience using it. While our prototype isn't fully functional/doesn't look as good as we wanted it, we are proud that we were able to complete our idea within the time we were given! (This is our first hackathon ever!) We're also proud of the style and design that we had in mind for our page prototypes designed on Figma.

What we learned

This was our first hackathon, so we learned a lot from the Winter 2020 Hacklympics! We learned that not everything needs to be functional and as long as we did our best, learned something from this experience, it was worth the all-nighter.

What's next for GoalforGold

We would love to build a fully functional app, it was interesting to see our process of building our app using HTML, so our next step would be creating an app that users will be able to interact with and use!

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