We came to this hackathon to explore a technology that we had not done before, so we set our sights on Amazon's Alexa-skills. This hack is intended to supply users with a quickly generated workout based on muscle groups worked and equipment availability. This way, if someone wants to get in some quick exercise, they can ask alexa for quick and random suggestions for exercises. We built this software using Alexa-skills developer console and javascript to write the code for making suggestions and we used a rest API for all the necessary workout information. Since only one person was proficient enough in javascript, we ran into the issue of learning all the intricacies involved in getting our code to work with alexa. This was also our first time with alexa and amazon web services in general so that was something new we learned. We're proud of the fact that we were able to make a working interface that has both audio and visual information, in the form of cards in the Alexa app, to display our custom skill through alexa. GMaW has a lot of places it can go in terms of applicability. We can implement a system to favorite certain exercises and give them preference, schedule reminders to workout, integrate workout tracking, and generate custom programs for those who have long term goals. Our biggest concern so far is training Alexa to understand it's invocation call, G Maw. Alexa has a hard time understanding colloquial language use but it given enough time and some mentoring/googling, we can train alexa to get better at recognizing this invocation. It can sometimes understand G Maw, but it isnt too consistent.

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