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In the role of a person with idle money, who wants to learn about how to buy and sell virtual currencies to make a profit, we are introduced to a group of investors who are investing a large amount of money into this market. Meeting at a coffee shop in the old town of Hanoi, Loc, this team leader, advised us very enthusiastically, and said that the virtual currency trading market is currently very active, mainly divided into 2 "markets. ”: Black market and intermediate floors. Trillions of "underground flows" Virtual money black market operates mainly in closed groups on social networks. Members of these groups post information about the need to buy, sell, or exchange virtual currencies. If "matching orders", members will directly trade with each other. Although this form is fast, convenient and easy to take profits, the risks are also high. The reputation of the online virtual currency buyers and sellers is based only on the evaluation of veteran members in the group. Therefore, people who trade on the black market must always be on high alert because a lot of scams and fake names have happened. To avoid the risk of the black market, most investors have to pay fees and pour money into the virtual currency exchanges that are operating online, such as Remitano, Virtual Currency Exchange, Anliniex, Fiahub, VCC. Exchange, Kenniex, Vicuta ... These exchanges accept most of the world's most popular virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether USDT, Riiple, Litecoin ...

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