So we are aiming to start a positive news and media company for kids. Just imagine how does a 10-year-old kid would look at the world if he is seeing news tv channels 24x7 with his family every day. There are riots, pandemics, encounters, suicides, and youtube is filled with objectionable content so a question arises do our kids really need to see all this? Yes, they do need to understand the concept of poverty, depression, and pandemic but we don't need to bombard them with all the negative news and parents also don't have an option these channels, newspapers, and twitter are the only sources for their updates and news.

What it does

We want to solve this problem, in simple words: We want to build a positive platform for kids to learn new things and see that this world is not bad at all, good things happen every day here. Most kids can hardly read so we have also attached a listen-to news feature with each article and the speed of the audio can also be changed.

How we built it

We Built this using basic web templates and libraries like: EJS, Bootstrap and Vanilla.js. We also used express.js and mongoDb for backend

Challenges we ran into

Main challenge was to automatically generate narration of text published by author, it was the most time taking task but it worked well with Chrome in the end.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have been running this site for quite a while now and people are genuinely using it's live version in schools and institutions

What we learned

I learnt a lot of things while building this site from marketing to website design, this project has taught me a lot.

What's next for GleeTimes

We are aiming to dive into content creation and teach kids basic moral science for free.

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