Jose Mario Douglas is the CEO and founder of Industrial Glass USA, a high end glass and windows distribution company. Jose has over two decades of experience in the commercial glass business. In 2009, Jose, along with his wife Vanessa , founded Industrial Glass USA Inc. to expand international distribution of their Colombia-based family enterprise. With a well-established reputation for high-end glass manufacturing products, including residential and commercial windows, Industrial Glass USA capitalized on Florida’s real estate recovery following the 2008 financial crisis. The company has since expanded to neighboring states in the southeastern region. Jose attributes his success to forging friendships with boutique construction and remodeling companies, who sought a superior glass offering at a more affordable price point. Jose is responsible for all aspects of the business. He led expansion to Spain and the United Kingdom in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Jose is a lifelong learner and a conversationalist at heart. He thrives on relationships and actively networks, while also enjoying daily walks in silence. As a student of history, books are a big part of his life. Born in Colombia, Jose moved to the United States when he was child. His summers were subsequently spent back in Colombia apprenticing within his maternal family’s glass business. Jose and his wife are avid readers and love to travel. They split most of their time between Santa Marta, Colombia and Miami, Florida. They are actively preparing for several races, including the SafariCom marathon in Kenya.

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