The developers are passionate about giving back to their community and doing what they can to eliminate waste.

What it does

The website works by letting you create an account labeled either 'giver' or 'taker' depending on whether you need something or have something to give! You are able to login and create an item form for something you are willing to donate (as a giver) or login and check the listing of items to find what you need (as a taker). It is designed to be quick, easy and user friendly!

How it was built

  • Server => Flask
  • Database => SQL (SQLite)
  • Front End => React, Javascript, CSS, HTML5


The biggest challenges the developers faced were saving and receiving data within the database, creating the item form & making sure the login and sign up features worked properly.

Proudest accomplishments

The developers are most proud that they figured out how to insert pictures into the item form, making a website that is visually appealing and easy to use, and creating a working login form!

What they learned

The developers learned a lot about SQL databases, how to make a server using Flask for Python, how to insert and retrieve photos from the database and a lot of the quirks of React for JavaScript.

What's next for giveNtake

The developers ask users to please, please submit feedback using the feedback forum because one of their main goals is to make the site as easy to use as possible! They also hope to implement a location feature so it is easy to find people right in your community.

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