We all like the idea of giving back and doing good but sometimes, its difficult to know where your money is going to end up and how it's going to be spent. With our webapp, we hope to answer these questions and make donating a breeze.

What it does

Givback is a 2-in-1 app. It's a search engine for charities and also a donation system. With our search feature, you can search for an organization, and we'll link you to resources that'll show you exactly what they're doing behind the scenes. We'll even show you their tax returns. With our donation system, simply link up your bank account through Plaid and Givback will automatically donate a small percentage of each transaction to the charity of your choice. To have more control, we've built a monthly limit that you can set and also chose the charities you want your money to go towards.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS and Javascript for our front end. We used an API to retrieve organization's information and used javascript to serve it to the front. All backend was done with Node and Express.js. Bank authorization was done with Plaid API.

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